ICOR - Crisis Management and Communication Professional (CMC 5000)

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A comprehensive solution to management your program

ICOR - Crisis Management and Communication Professional (CMC 5000)

Analyze situations and make difficult decisions with limited time, information and resources on hand while managing an incident.

A training developed by ICOR, the International Consortium for Organizational Resilience.

This course is ideal for management responsible for leading their organization during a crisis, public sector personnel, professional communicators, and those in public affairs or public relations.

Understanding the elements of crisis management and communications is crucial to adapting and responding appropriately when faced with managing an incident.

The Crisis Management and Communications professional course teaches useful strategies and techniques for analyzing situations and making difficult decisions with limited time, information, and resources while managing an incident and leading teams.

Included in the course materials are case studies, multi-media and takeaways such as sample policies and templates.


USA - ET, ONLINE ~ 2495.00USD - English

This course will be instructed by ICOR directly.

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