BCI - Supply Chain Resilience

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A comprehensive solution to management your program

BCI - Supply Chain Resilience

Lawsuits won't help you continue now.

This 1-day training was developed by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), renowned worldwide for their expertise in BCM.

This course is about understanding supply chains, how they are managed and how to add resilience measures to them, and therefore, the business. It is about how to engage with those responsible for procurement and their teams to embed business continuity and resilience into the business supply chain. In the current climate of financial austerity, volatile markets and globalization, supply chains are often under complex and global pressure. Suppliers may be located in areas of the world that suffer considerable threats from severe weather systems and many logistical problems.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify interdependencies
  • Assess supply chain risks in the context of business continuity
  • Develop strategies in order to reduce the vulnerability of your supply chain
  • Coordinate business continuity management with your supply chain (response, maintenance and exercises)

During this workshop, you will obtain documentation and you will apply the concepts. 

Target Audience
For professionals in business continuity wanting to further their knowledge in supply chain risks and strategies or procurement specialists who want to supplement their practice.

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