Specialist in Business Continuity, Emergency and Risk Management, we help you manage the unpredictible regardless of your field of activity!

We offer a specialized software, ParaSolution, and training, based on a vast experience in program implementation and management.

The consulting services are performed by professionals certified by the Business Continuity Institute and/or the Disaster Recovery Institute under the umbrella of Premier Continuum Consulting Services Inc.



Premier Continuum shareholders, Isabelle et Marie-Hélène Primeau, have won the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award 2016. For more information, click on the Press Release 



Premier Continuum Inc. and its BCM software ParaSolution was selected as one of the 5 finalists for Continuity and Resilience Provider at the BCI Americas Awards 2016 and 2017.




We are always on the lookout for new talents to grow Premier Continuum. 

We currently have an opening for a marketing coordinator. For more details, please click here (on available in French).




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Premier Continuum Inc. is a dynamic consulting firm in business for 20 years. It was established by Isabelle Primeau in 1997.

Premier Continuum is specialized in business continuity, IT disaster recovery, emergency and risk management.

It offers a specialized software, ParaSolution, and training, based on a vast experience in program implementation and management.

The consulting services are performed by professionals certified by the Business Continuity Institute and/or the Disaster Recovery Institute under the umbrella of Premier Continuum Consulting Services Inc. Such legal separation is required since at Premier Continuum Consulting Services, you have the priviledge that the main shareholder, Marie-Hélène Primeau, is a member of the Certified Professional Accountants of Quebec. For more information regarding Premier Continuum Consulting Services Inc., please click here.

Our mission is to help organizations manage the unpredictable.


Services | Approach

The quality of the customer service is paramount and we take the time to ensure we understand your needs so that our interventions are adapted to your reality.

This is visible in our trainings, in our software ParaSolution as well as in the consulting services provided by Premier Continuum Consulting Inc.

Use of Premier Continuum’s tools :

  • Make it easy to update and maintain a BC plan
  • Reduce the completion timeline with workload sharing and faster data entry by spreading the workload amongst users and by reducing the data entry effort.



Premier Continuum Inc. consultants are keen to share their know-how and their field experience by offering practical training workshops for immediate use in the work environment.

We are proud training partners of the Business Continuity Institute since 2008. We teach in both English and French in Canada, USA and Europe.

Some of our training are certified by the Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec

Please check the upcoming Workshops Calendar below.  A link to proceed to your registration is included on the "Details" page of each session.

Interested in private sessions for you and/or your organization? We are recognized for our flexibility and we can come to your location throughout the world or meet on the Web. Contact us

Please click on the course title for more details.

Business Continuity Basics

(2 days) Developed by Premier Continuum consultants

MontrealFrenchMon 08 Jan 2018Tue 09 Jan 20181 400$
MontrealEnglishMon 12 Mar 2018Tue 13 Mar 20181, 400$
MontrealFrenchMon 24 Sep 2018Tue 25 Sep 20181 400$
MontrealEnglishThu 29 Nov 2018Fri 30 Nov 20181, 400$
BCI - Good Practice Guidelines Training (CBCI)

4days + exam - Instructor led, classroom based

Fort Lauderdale, USAEnglishWed 03 Jan 2018Fri 05 Jan 2018$2,750
Québec, CanadaFrenchMon 22 Jan 2018Wed 24 Jan 20182 750$
Nashville, USAEnglishMon 05 Feb 2018Thu 08 Feb 2018$2,750
Toronto, CanadaEnglishTue 20 Feb 2018Fri 23 Feb 20182,750$
New York, USAEnglishTue 03 Apr 2018Fri 06 Apr 2018$2,750
Vancouver, CanadaEnglishMon 16 Apr 2018Thu 19 Apr 20182,750$
Pittsburg, USAEnglishMon 14 May 2018Thu 17 May 2018$2,750
Montréal, CanadaFrenchMon 11 Jun 2018Thu 14 Jun 20182,750$
Houston, USAEnglishTue 26 Jun 2018Fri 29 Jun 2018$2,750
Calgary, CanadaEnglishMon 10 Sep 2018Thu 13 Sep 20182,750$
Boston, USAEnglishTue 04 Sep 2018Fri 07 Sep 2018$2,750
New York, USAEnglishMon 01 Oct 2018Thu 04 Oct 2018$2,750
Genève, SuisseFrenchMon 12 Nov 2018Thu 15 Nov 20182,750$ CHF
Las Vegas, USAEnglishMon 05 Nov 2018Thu 08 Nov 2018$2,750
Toronto, CanadaEnglishMon 03 Dec 2018Thu 06 Dec 20182,750$
Los Angeles, USAEnglishMon 10 Dec 2018Thu 13 Dec 2018$2,750
BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

1 or 2days - Instructor led, classroom based

Québec, CanadaFrenchThu 11 Jan 2018Fri 12 Jan 20181 400$
Montreal, CanadaFrenchWed 14 Mar 2018Thu 15 Mar 20181 400$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishTue 22 May 2018Wed 23 May 20181, 400$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishMon 15 Oct 2018Tue 16 Oct 20181, 400$
BCI - Incident Response and Crisis Management

(2 days) Instructor led, classroom based

Montréal, CanadaFrenchMon 29 Jan 2018Tue 30 Jan 20181 400$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishThu 01 Feb 2018Fri 02 Feb 20181, 400$
Montréal, CanadaEnglishMon 23 Apr 2018Tue 24 Apr 20181, 400$
Montréal, CanadaFrenchWed 26 Sep 2018Thu 27 Sep 20181, 400$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishMon 26 Nov 2018Tue 27 Nov 20181, 400$
BCI - Developing and managing the business continuity plan

(1 day) Instructor led, classroom based

Montréal, CanadaFrenchFri 16 Mar 2018Fri 16 Mar 2018700$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishMon 28 May 2018Mon 28 May 2018700$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishFri 19 Oct 2018Fri 19 Oct 2018700$
Montréal, CanadaFrenchFri 02 Nov 2018Fri 02 Nov 2018700$
BCI - Designing and delivering effective exercices

(1 or 2 days options) Instructor led, classroom based

Montréal, CanadaFrenchMon 19 Mar 2018Tue 20 Mar 20181 400$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishThu 24 May 2018Fri 25 May 20181, 400$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishWed 17 Oct 2018Thu 18 Oct 20181, 400$
Montréal, CanadaEnglishMon 17 Dec 2018Tue 18 Dec 20181 400$
The BCI ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Course - In Partnership with ICOR - ANSI Accredited

(4days + exam) Business Continuity Institute Course developed by ICOR

Toronto, CanadaEnglishMon 18 Jun 2018Fri 22 Jun 20183,900$
Montréal, CanadaFrenchMon 13 Aug 2018Fri 17 Aug 20183,900$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishMon 19 Nov 2018Fri 23 Nov 20183,900$
BCI - Supply Chain resilience

(1 day) Instructor led, classroom based

Toronto, CanadaEnglishFri 23 Feb 2018Fri 23 Feb 2018700$
Vancouver, CanadaEnglishFri 20 Apr 2018Fri 20 Apr 2018700$
Montréal, CanadaFrenchFri 28 Sep 2018Fri 28 Sep 2018700$
BCI -Validating your BCM Programme Course

Part of the validation stage of the BCM Lifecycle

Montréal, CanadaFrenchThu 22 Mar 2018Thu 22 Mar 2018700$
Toronto, CanadaEnglishFri 01 Jun 2018Fri 01 Jun 2018700$
  • An attendance certificate will be given
  • Workshop fees do not include applicable taxes
  • Attendee may be refused access to the workshop if fees are not paid in full
  • Premier Continuum may cancel the workshop if the minimum number of participants is not reached
  • Fees are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise noted.


Premier Continuum’s consultants are proud to have developed ParaSolution©, a web based software which helps the development and maintenance of Business Continuity AND/or Emergency Response Plans. They can also develop other software applications to meet any organization’s specific needs.


ParaSolution® speaks your language and adapts easily to your organizational needs. Designed by PREMIER CONTINUUM’s BCP consultants , ParaSolution® is the ideal Web-based solution for optimizing the management of your Business Continuity or Emergency Response Plans.

ParaSolution®'s key strength lies in the power, user-friendliness and flexibility generated by a clever and novel combination of database management and Microsoft Word© software.

At last! A reliable and affordable Web-based solution is available for easy periodic updating and sharing of your vital information...because we think the way you do.

Parasolution®. A software created, updated and distributed by PREMIER CONTINUUM INC.

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Our Clients

  • In Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe
  • Amongst our clients:
    • Intact Financial Corporation
    • Industrial Alliance Financial Group
    • Government of Canada
    • Desjardins Financial Group (Financial Services)
    • Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited (Manufacturing)
    • Standard Life of Canada (Financial Services)
    • Bell Canada (Telecommunication)
    • Caisse de dépôt et de placement du Québec
    • Ivanhoe Cambridge (real estate)
    • CAA Quebec (Non-profit organization)
    • CBC - Radio-Canada (Broadcasting)
    • Hydro Quebec (Electricity Utilities)
    • Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (cabinet comptable)
    • MDS Pharma Services (Pharmaceutical Research)
    • Northwestel (Telecommunications)
    • Ryder (Transportation)
    • Intrado (Software Company)
    • Xstrata Copper (Metals and Mining)
    • École Polytechnique de Montréal (Engineering University)
    • Centre des services partagés du Québec (IT Services for Quebec Government)
    • Quebec City (Municipality)

Contact Us

By email, rather than using the mailing interface below, please click on the following link :

By phone: 514.761.6222

Toll-Free: 1.877.761.6222

By fax: 514.871.1423

By mail: 1010 Sherbrooke Ouest #800 Montréal, Québec, Canada H3A 2R7

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